Broadlink WiFi IR Compatible Smart Remote Controller



 REAL SMART HOME Server & Full English App !!!

Revolutionary Smart Link Easy Connection

Remote Control no matter Wifi or 3G/4G !

Easy Friendly Timer Setting always Provide Help & Multi-Setting way Optional !!

Anti-thief Mode Protect your Beloved Home !!

Charging Protection Avoid any Risk to your Device !!

Not Only can Work Alone but Also can Freely Combine with BroadLink DNA Smart Home Kit !!

Security Device Lock, Support DIY your Device, Time Synchronization, Operate History Check, Live Update, etc...

RM Mini3

 The Broadlink RM Mini3 is a universal remote for you to control infrared appliances through your smartphone.

Voice Control Compatible with Alexa and Google Home to voice control your TV, Air Conditioner.

APP Control IR appliances with IHC App anywhere anytime (Please use 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi). Set up timers to turn on/off appliances at a specific time or customize scenes with multiple devices. 

Compatible with Large IR database that over 98% IR remote function. Supports 50,000+ IR (IR only, no RF, compared with RM PRO) controlled devices, including your TV, DVD, audio, Air Conditioner, satellite, PVR and more options to program your devices features if certain cloud data is unavailable.

Enable and schedule features on a daily basis and customizing for your needs.



 1.RM mini3 does not contain power adapter. Users can use any redundant phone charger to power it.

2..Download"Broadlink" App from the app store google play by searching "Broadlink" and connect mobile device to your 2.4GHz Wifi network.

3.The device only supports wifi network 2.4GHz.

4.The length of password should be no more than 32 characters.

5.Support IOS 9.0/Android 4.0 and above.

6.Please refer to the specification for details.

RM4C Mini

This is the Newest arrivals from Broadlink ,  also the new brand of Broadlink ,named "Bestcon".  This RM4C mini is the updated version from Broaldink RM mini 3 . More powerful in IR codes and cloud .

BroadLink  publish new brand "Bestcon , and the "RM4C Mini " is the first mini good Intelligent IR remote control in 2019 through the smartphone to control Air conditioning, televisions, set-top boxes and other appliances can be easily controlled.

Note :This brand is Broadlink new brand named "Beston" , original from Broadlink factory . and also control in App of "Broadlink " .

WiFI smart control
Easy to use,  only one step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed, Supporting Wifi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, 3G and 4G network

Private customized
For healthy sleeping,  you can customize the air condition status , time mode and temperature, setting their own sleeping temperature.

Remote control                                                                                                                  Long distance open air conditon,  set air condition mode and one click to open TV, TV box etc, Catch all infrared appliances.
Compatible with infrared appliances: air conditioning, TV, TV boxes, IPTV, audio, DVD projectors, SLR cameras etc. Support autonomous learning, control more devices.

APP control
Three steps to connect APP, it is easy to control the  temperature change. Support Apps for Android and IOS. Using Broadlink App, you can control your devices anywhere,anytime.



  • Brand Name: BroadLink

  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

  • Model Number: LB1 bulb

  • Compatibility: All Compatible

  • Camera Equipped: No

  • Model: SPmini3 Wifi Smart Socket

  • Light: LED night light

  • Feature 1: Built-in timer, disconnected network does not affect the timing work

  • Wireless Standard: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n

  • WEP TKIP AES Security mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

  • Type: AU Standard

  • Function: Remote Control Timer socket

  • Material: V0 classes fire resistant PC 

  • Feature 2: google home

  • Feature 3: broadlink rm mini 3

  • Feature 4: alexa amazon

  • Feature 5: smart home

  • Feature 6: alexa compatible

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