SweatFIT™ Adjustable Waist Slimming Trimmer

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Wrap your waist SLIM with Maximum effect. SweatFIT™ Waist Slimming Trimmer tones your waist by shedding excess water weight and stimulating fat & calorie burn.

Made of high-quality spandex, the stretchy waist trimmer adjusts & conforms to your unique shape for a perfect fit.

The breathable and sweat-wicking compression fabric reduces cellulite while optimizing heat retention to burn fat & extra inches. Maintain upright posture with excellent back support.

Maximum Waist Slimming:

  • Reduces extra fat & inches on the waist by shedding water weight & facilitating fat burn.

Improve Metabolism and Circulation:

  • Utilizes Bio-Thermal Lining to accelerate sweat rate and retain body heat for decomposing fat.

Cellulite Removal:

  • Hides dimples & skin flawed by cellulite. Tightens loose skin on the midsection.

Adjustable Compression:

  • Wraps to fit your unique curve easily with adjustable straps.

Flexible Interlock-Knit with Double Lock:

  • Elastic wraps trap heat and provide ultra-flattering fit with great comfort. Control your tummy with zipper and wrap locks.

Breathable and Moisture Wicking:

  • Fast drying time and wicks moisture incredibly fast to prevent bacteria growth and bad odor.



  • Color: Black / Pink / Yellow / Blue / Orange/ Green


Package Includes:

  • 1pc X SweatFIT™ Adjustable Waist Slimming Trimmer 

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