Summer Instant Cooling Towel



The cooling towel's super evaporation technique keeps you cool during walking, bike riding, golfing, fishing or other outdoor activities, perfect for anyone engaged in sports or working outdoors. The protection cooling effects can significantly reduce fatigue caused by heat. Activate it's cooling effect by running under water for approximately one minute. When the towel is dry, it absorbs sweat and moisture away from the skin.

Made from advanced non-toxic, durable PVA fabric, this artificial chamois is washable.  May be worn across the neck for hours of quick relief without feeling heavy or suffocating the pores and skin.




  • Material: High density cold sense yarn  
  • Type: face towel  
  • Color: as the picture shows. 
  • Use: home, hotel, sports, beach, hiking, travel, gift, fitness yoga, climbing  
  • unfold size: 30 * 90 cm

Package Includes:

1 * Sports Instant Cooling Towel


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