Portable Pet Led Pointer Toy



Creative, funny, The Portable Pet LED Pointer Toy for Cats and dogs is unique for both you and your pet and promotes a wholesome bond with your furry pal. Not like laser pointers, this LED pointer is safe in your pet's eyes. Depending on the ambient light, the character silhouette is visible for as mush as 8 feet.

Workout your cat or dog and inspire their primal hunting instincts with this fun and easy toy. Amusing for the entire family!

Light laser pen with bright animation shadow accessories of mouse, fish, footprints. Sure to become a favorite of your furry friend!

Available in an assortment of colors.


Toys Type: Laser Toys
Material: Metal
Suit: Cats, Dogs
Color: Pink,Silver,Red,Blue,Yellow
Type: Mouse, fish, footprints

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