Sonic Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Massage Brush



1. High-frequency vibration electric cleansing brush. The deep, gentle cleaning function and the sound wave pulsation, transmits the double sound wave pulsation through the skin surface to the deep layer, cleans the pores and debris, and reproduces delicate skin. 


2. 3 District Clean and Intimate Setting design, deep clean area, precise cleaning area, massage area. Three areas, clean and deep clean pores, smooth skin, calm skin, reproduce firming and elastic skin. 


3. Medical grade sterile silica gel, soft and comfortable, does not harm the skin, suitable for a variety of skin types, environmentally safe, conscience products, rest assured to use. 


4. A variety of uses, cleansing instrument, facial massage instrument, eye care instrument, essence introducer instrument, create tender skin. 


5. IPX7 waterproof and no hidden dangers. After daily use, the cleansing instrument can be washed and cleaned directly with water. 


6.12-grade strength meets the needs. It can adjust the strength of cleaning massage according to different skin needs.





Charging time: 1 hour

Power parameters: DC3.7V 200mA

Vibration frequency: 6000rpm

Weight: about 70g

Package includes:


1 * Mini Face Cleansing Brush

1 * USB Charger

1 * User Manual

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