Smart Mini Anti-lost Device



Ultra-thin design Anti-lost reminder Two-way mutual search Long standby.

- The anti-lost device has a two-way mutual search function, and either party can make the other party issue a prompt, 15M long transmission distance.
- When the connection distance exceeds the transmission distance, both the mobile phone and the anti-lost device trigger an alarm, so that you do not forget any objects.
- Open the Ranres App and see where the anti-lost device was last disconnected for a bit more security.
- The easy-to-use Ranres App works closely with the smart anti-lost device.
- Long standby, easy to use battery replacement.
- Simple and slim design with a rounded feel of cobblestones.


Name: Ranres intelligent anti-lost device
Color: white, pink, blue
Model: RW01MN
Specifications: 42x42x8mm
Weight: 10g

Package Includes:

1 x Anti-lost Device

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