HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter (HDMI to DP Adapter)



  • HDMI to DISPLAYPORT cable adapter connects a computer or laptop with HDMI to a monitor with DisplayPort input.
  • ACTIVE HDMI to DISPLAY PORT converter transmits high-definition audio and video from your computer to a DP monitor; Expand your workspace with a second monitor with this HDMI DP adapter.
  •  4K VIDEO RESOLUTION support up to 3840x2160 @ 30Hz including 1920x1080 @ 60Hz and 2560x1440 @ 60Hz with the HDMI Display Port adapter (when supported by your video card).
  • USB POWER CABLE on the HDMI to Display Port adapter boosts the video signal to power the conversion from HDMI to DisplayPort; Connect the HDMI to DisplayPort converter to a spare USB port on your computer or a USB wall charger.


Gender: Male-Female
Connector A: HDMI
Connector B: Displayport(DP)
Type: HDMI Cables
Version: HDMI 2.0a
Application: Projector
Application: Microphone
Application: Computer
Application: Amplifier
Application: Multimedia
Application: Monitor
Application: TV BOX
Application: Television
Packing: Polybag
Outer Diameter: 5.0MM
Shielding: Braid
Package: Yes
Bundle: Bundle 1
Feature: HDMI2.0

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