Sherlock Fingerprint Smart Door Lock





Sherlock smart Lock, no need to disassemble the unique lock, clean alternative and easy to improve. Gives you the option of the usage of software manipulation, or smart key switch door lock installation.  

 Don't worry about forgetting to bring your key!

Select “open left” or “open right”. 


  • Connected lock frame with touch switch, slide up and down to switch the lock accordingly.
  • Precise anti-robbery mode: enable anti-robbery mode at the APP.This is, the anti - robbery overall performance of the lock can be improved by means of pasting the lock.This makes it not possible for thieves to release the door.
  • Data Notification: as soon as the lock is switched via the APP, the APP will push the transfer lock statistics in real time and keep the records for the person to view.
  • 30 ° angle layout doesn't have an effect on the usage of the door manage.
  • 3 M industry is as solid as rock in humid and warm climate.
  • Removable lithium battery Micro USB charging port, handy and short.
  • Suitable for Android & iOS system, style design, additionally may be best gifts.

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