Fake Dummy Camera



Solar charging during the day:

solar panels absorb solar energy during the day and is converted into electricity stored in the battery. 

Release light to scare burglar at night:

The battery discharge at night will light up the LED bulb! Benign cycle, lighting anti-theft.

Simulation monitoring design scares away burglar:

When someone trespasses, the camera will brighten and flash scaring away the criminal.

Three different lighting modes to choose from:

Slightly bright + sensing mode: When someone comes over the sensor trigger circuit activates the glare. The light dims after the person leaves for 30 seconds. 

Inductive mode: When someone comes over the sensor trigger circuit activates the glare. When the person leaves for 30 seconds, the light goes out. 

Strobe mode: When someone comes over the sensor trigger circuit starts flashing. After 30 seconds, the light goes out. 

IP66 waterproof and dust proof: 

Suitable for heavy rain and vigorous weather conditions. 

Have the added benefit of being able to be charged even when it rains: 

No fear of wind and rain, it continues to be charged even if it rains. 

120 degrees sensing 10 meters distance:

The human body sensing range can reach 120 degrees and the illumination distance can reach 8-10 meters. 

Flexible for a variety of scenarios:

Suitable for courtyards, garage doors, aisles, spare lighting etc



Solar panel power: polysilicon 5.5V/1.5W

Battery: 3.7V/2200MAH

Lamp Bead Specifications: SMD2835 gold wire, copper bracket

Number of beads: 30

Color temperature: 6000-6500K white light

Light flux: 380LM Use life: ≥50000H

Material: high light transmission PC material, ABS raw material,

Sense Distance: 6-8 meters   

Induction angle: 120 degrees

Lighting delay: 15 seconds

Power: 3W

Control method: waterproof touch switch,

Applicable scenes Courtyard Garage, gates, villa walls and other landscape decoration"






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