Bluetooth and Wireless Earbuds Siri and Google Assistant compatible



Double noise reduction fearless Interface: Dual noise reduction design from the inside out. Enhanced audio and ambient noise suppression. 

Take out, quick return: Free wireless experience, switching technology can be used quickly to connect back and forth.

Bluetooth 5.0 full core upgrade: Effective and stable connection, shielding interface, high performance, low power wireless bluetooth 5.0 chip.

9D shock holographic sound: Small realm graphene high fidelity dynamic unit, professional tri-band modulation, shocking sound. 

Game Drama, play and flip the audience: Play games with lower latency and clear voice synchronization. 5.0 chip high speed transmission efficiency.

Extra long life, large capacity charging compartment: Comes with 350 mAH of capacity to provide sufficient power for headphones. Achieve long battery life!

Rechargeable battery: Larger capacity charging box, perfect partner for daily use and travel!

Waterproof upgrade, life waterproof and sweatproof: Multi process design is strictly designed to prevent rain and sweat.

Multi function button upgrade smart control:  Abandon the traditional multi button system, your fingertips can be pressed gently to access instructions, no pressure needed to be applied when used. 

Binaural bluetooth HD sound quality calls: The call is as clear as face to face, the new upgrade brings a highly restored true sound. An HD sound quality and noise cancellation tech for superb call quality.  

Widely compatible performance: Core upgraded smart 5.0 chip compatible with mainstream bluetooth devices like smart phones, pads, pc, mp3 player etc . 

Single ear free connection: Two headsets can be connected to the same phone at the same time, or single earphone use, equivalent to two independent headphones. 



Package Includes:

1*Bluetooth Earphones
1*USB Charging Cable
1*Charging Case
1*User Manual

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