Automatic Electric USB Touch Switch Water Pump



The Automatic electric USB Touch Switch Water Pump is made from top food grade silicone material which is harmless and safe, can be used to make hoses and nipples on toddler bottles. 

Just a few seconds to fill a glass of water! Highly sensitive touch switch; Press once to open and tap again to close.

The water waft's natural and comfortable inclination allows hands free maintaining of the kettle.

With every use you normally withdraw approximately 1.5L (1 minute), you can program the water pump to automatically shut down, keeping you from forgetting to manually close it, preventing water overflow causing a mess.

Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery, without tangling the cable when you pump the water. Steady for a maximum of 120 barrels of water after fully charged

Silicon wafer micro processor for accurate and fast identification of each operational signal.

Two arc-fashioned effective magnets and three units of impartial electromagnetic coils, work together to deliver effective thrust to the pump output

The 5-cylinder piston pump frame correctly controls 10 pieces of silicone valve door, which may be opened and closed in series, and the water supply is continuously extracted.


Type: water dispenser for home use 
Material: Silicone (water tube), food material 
Color: white 
Control: touch control 
Power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 
Input: DC 5 V / 0.65A 
Net weight: 262 g 
Gross weight: 355 g 
Size : 65×146×156 mm 
Package size: 68 × 150 × 160 mm   


Package Includes:  

1 * Water Dispensing Dispenser 1 * USB charging cable 1 * silicone water tube 

JD1785W (2)



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