100% Original Toshiba 64GB 32GB Pen Drive




32GB = approximately 28GB-30GB
64GB = approximately 58GB-60GB
128GB = approximately 119GB-120GB

The capacity of the product is according to 1MB=1000KB,1G=1000MB, To calculate, the operating system is a binary algorithm that is 1MB=1024KB, 1G=1024MB, so please pay attention to the actual capacity is marked capacity of 90%-93%.

Testing Method:

The speed show on our link is tested by TOSHIBA or by our professional instrument, you’d better use 3.0 interface and 3.0 card reader, then you can get a nice speed.


1. TOSHIBA 100% genuine products.
2. All products are in compliance with the TOSHIBA official website.
3. Manufacturers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to change or modify products.
Appearance and packaging design may change without prior notice.

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